Cisco ASR 9000 series Router

What is the Cisco ASR 9000 ?

  • It is a carrier -class Ethernet Access and Aggregation platform with Layer 3 intelligence. 
  • Aggregates 1 gig access to 10 Gig edge
  • Combines full Ethernet service flexibility with MPLS scalability
  • Multicast performance to support video networking

asr 9000


2 main types of cards are used here.. Route switched processor (RSP) cards , and Line cards.

RSP cards provides switch fabric redundancy and chassis control.

Line cards provide Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gibabit Ethernet Ports.We can have 3 types line cards, 4 port 10G, 8 port 10G and 40 port GE. This can change as cisco adding new cards all the time.

To mention, each line card can operate on 40 Gig . So 8 port 10 gig will be over-subscribed.

In old days, CEs were interconnected by way of a Frame Relay or Asynchronous Transfer Mode(ATM) or leased-line circuits. This used to be build once and sold once. Each circuit was dedicated to each customer.

The new way is IP/MPLS VPN Cloud.

MPLS combines the privacy and QoS of FR or ATM networks with the flexibility and scalability of IP.These are Any-to-Any connectivity, which allows us to build once , sell many times.

Cisco ASR 9000 are used as a PE(provider edge) devices.



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