We have moved to Sutton !!

Finally the move is over. After hectic couple of months we managed to settle down in Sutton.

After months of house hunting, window shopping, going to endless estate agents who never seem to understand what we were looking for, we have finally found a place which looked and felt like home. We decided within days this is going to be our home !

Leaving beautiful Surbiton was not easy. The day we packed everything and worked on the move untill past midnight, Pola cried. Our flat of last 6 years was nothing but an empty property!

After living through our boxes, without any furniture, finally Dreams delivered the beds, Next delivered the Sofas, Gumtree also came handy for other furniture. We have finally have a place we can call home.

Now that hard part is over, we can focus on what we do best. Creating beautiful animations ,  Secure, reliable networks , high performance web design .


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